Good morning- Back from the Tucson Comic Con- it was a blast. I really enjoyed the show and now I can finally get back into the groove of work, bean and everything else I am working on. Thank you for your incredible support. You guys are incredible. Keep creating trav

Today’s update on the color is a milestone. 40 pages and I am in the underground. What is awesome is that you will be able to see my vision of what I have always felt the colors of the underground needed to be. Also I am starting to prep the kickstarter for book 4 of […]

  It is amazing how things happen and come together. Just watching this story flow and build itself up just blows me away. I am really happy with how the colors and feel of the story. I hope you are enjoying the colors and feels. Thanks again for everything. trav

This is one of my favorite pages. I just love how the colors came out and the feel of the whole room. The collector is truly one of my favorite characters. I am also working diligently on finishing off book 4. I am sooo looking forward to seeing this kickstarter happen in January. Book 4 […]

Good morning- I know that a lot of people at the moment do not see these new color updates. I am working on figuring out how to change that. I can always start the color pages as a new comic – so it hits their RSS Feed. Just thinking of ways to improve this process […]

Good morning my dear friends- I hope the holidays are treating you well and that you are taking a moment to enjoy each others company. Sorry for no thursday color update- It was Thanksgiving and I actually took the day off:) It was a very nice adventure. Well here is today’s color update. Thank you […]

Good morning- Here is today’s color update. Thinking of moving all the color pages to it’s own little spot so it will pop up in people’s rss feed. Any thoughts? Keep creating trav  

Keep creating. Too often we give up on the dream. I would hope that you would not and continue to push forward, keep looking for new possibilities, new options, and hope.  What ever the dream might be, it needs to be followed and believed in. This has been a very long ongoing dream of mine. […]

Updates are always hard during the week of shows. That is just how it is, because a lot of the time is spent working on show prep and such. I am still updating though and that is important. Thank you again for your support, and your believing in this great project. Keep creating. trav  

I decided since I have missed a couple of days here and there in this holiday season that I would update 2 pages today. I am a little under the weather but I wanted to get these updates taken care of . Keep creating trav

2nd page update today- I am happy with this one as well. I love how the story is moving along with color.  

Good morning- i hope everyone’s holiday is going well. I am in the middle of mine and trying to get everything into place. The biggest news is that I will be launching book 4 of the bean soon for kickstarter. Hopefully in the next week or so. I will also be only updating the color […]

Yup we are getting ready to launch our newest kickstarter. Which will be the next volume in the bean series. More info to come. trav  

One of my favorite scenes and boy do I love how the color came out. This just makes me feel good, especially as I realize that I am almost halfway through book 2 on the colors. Very very exciting. Book 4 is almost done as well. This is a major accomplishment this year and a […]

        Today’s update. Another page colored and some series production work on my newest kickstarter which is vol 4 of this series. I am combining chapters 13, 14, 15, 16 together. If you want a sneak peak and the kick and all the goodies just click the big graphic and it will […]

I really love how today’s color update came out. It has a lot more emotion now and I think it adds a lot to the mood and the piece. I am working on the kickstarter as well for book 4. I am almost ready to finish it off. Keep creating trav  

Good morning- Here is the next color page completed. I love how this scene came out. It’s feel and direction. Things are moving along well. There is a lot going on all that is good and I look forward to finishing up chapter 2 in several weeks. The kickstarter is almost ready for book 4 […]

HI ALL! Here is today’s color update. Moving right along 🙂 Well I launched the Kickstarter on Thursday of last week and in 12 hours we hit out initial goal. I am totally floored about the response so far on book 4. I am really excited about what is happening and where things are going. […]

I just got back from Amazing Arizona Comic Con. It was a very nice show and we met and saw a lot of great people and had a fantastic time. Also the kickstarter is in full swing. The map goal is almost happening- just 1100 away. I am really excited about it. CHECK OUT KICKSTARTER […]

Todays color update is now available- I am also prepping the Long Beach Comic Expo. It looks like it will be a very fun show. I am excited to be there this year. The kickstarter is still going strong and if you want to be a part of it – you have just 14 days […]

The kickstarter is still going strong and if you want to be a part of it – you have only 7 days left 🙂 CHECK OUT KICKSTARTER PROJECT FOR BOOK 4 HERE! Also I hope you enjoy today’s color update.   Keep creating and keep dreaming big . trav-

Today my kickstarter closes today- Really excited to see book 4 finished. I am also excited to see the color updates continuing. Your support has been incredible and I am very grateful for all the help you have given us. We are also over the halfway mark on chapter 2 of the book. This is […]

Here is today’s color update.  It would have been up yesterday but there was work being done on the site. Keep creating trav  

Just wanted to get this up- i have the next page to draw for the comic today as well, plus I am packing for ECCC this weekend. I am really looking forward to the show this weekend. If you are in the seattle area and have tickets come stop by and hang out with us. […]

Working on packing for wondercon today and – yet here is today’s update for color. Constantly pushing forward. trav  

Sorry guys the color page would have been updated wed- but i was in a car accident on tuesday – which threw me completely off. I am fine- the car not so much- I find out tomorrow. Yet I still was able to get the page colored 🙂 Looking at closing in on chapter 2. […]

Nice seeing another color update. The dimension it adds is wonderful. I am really pleased about how it came out. This weekend I will be at the LA Festival of Books- if you are looking for something fun and free to do come on out and visit. It’s FREE to everyone. Well back to bean […]

Good morning- here is the next color page… Working hard on getting more pages done. trav-

I am excited as I get close to finishing off this section of the comic in color. This means I will have the first two chapters of the comic of the bean almost done. It has been a very long road, yet I know that the road, though rocky is worth it. So many people […]

Book 4 goes to print today- Wohoo…. It’s about time and I am excited about what is happening. Keep creating trav  

New color update today.  It has sure come a long way and I am really excited that the first two chapters are almost done. The bean books vs 1 and 4 are now being reprinted. I am excited about what is happening. Very excited. More updates coming trav  

Good morning – here is the next color page- I am also packing up for Denver Comic Con this weekend. Its gonna be a fantastic show and if you are in the area, come on by for free sketches, great conversation and some new books 🙂 We’re almost done with the new book (#4) It […]

Hi Guys Quick update on todays color page. I hope you enjoy it. Looking forward to finishing off this chapter and start prepping it as a book. Thanks again for all the support. Also this weekend I will be at the Phoenix Comicon. I am soo looking forward to it and if you are in […]

Good morning- As many of you have noticed that the Bean coloring project has increased. Not only am I coloring the books from the beginning, I am also coloring the Bean from this time forward. Every new update will be in color. The reason is the only way this book will survive and grow in […]

I really have enjoyed working on this section of the comic. The color has really help set the tone for the Forest of Dark Leaf. It is amazing how this project is fleshing out and how this story is looking. I am also enjoying seeing the comic move forward in color as well. I am […]

On my way to the Amazing las vegas comic con this weekend. I am looking forward to doing FREE Sketches all weekend long and enjoying the heat. I heard it is going to be a hot one. I wanted to thank everyone for the incredible support and look forward to seeing where the book goes. […]

Good morning- here is the next page of colors to enjoy. I am almost done with chapter 2. One more page to go. Keep creating- trav-

The last page of chapter 2 is completed today. There is sooooo much awesome things going on and I am looking at setting up the kickstarter for the color book in a month or so. I am finishing off Book 4 rewards at the moment and hopefully shipping out the last of the Dark Road […]

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