Have you ever wanted to have your own private personal adventure? Or do you need art for a project? I am always up to going on new adventures and as many of you already know I do private pieces for people. The subjects are all over the place. I hope you enjoy them. Also if you are interested in a personal commission just look below for pricing etc…

I really enjoy doing commissions, they help fund prints and comics. I also like the break the create in-between projects. I draw almost anything, though I reserve first right of refusal, remember I am a children’s fantasy illustrator first and I have no plans to damage that rep.

I offer Four standard sizes. I will do custom sizes as well and price will depends on size and complexity. Color is extra as well as shipping. Commission can take up to 8 weeks as well depending on my current work schedule- Bean comes first and is my top priority.

9×12 $40 inks add $40 for color +$10 shipping depending on location
This is usually a basic character and limited background

11×14 $150 inks add $150 for color +$20 shipping depending on location
This is a basic scene with characters. Upgrades are available

13×19 $200 inks add $200 for color +$20 shipping depending on location
This is a more complex scene with characters.

17×22  – starting at $350 inks add $350 for color +$20 shipping depending on location
These take a little more time, but you will also get a color copy if you go the color route and pay the shipping option. Price is also subject to change depending on how complicated.

Larger than 18×24 email for details and price negotiations.

When commissions are completed, you will receive the original ink on vellum, bagged and come with backer board. All color commissions receive a printed piece on a beautiful matte paper. The piece is yours though I reserve the right to use the pieces in promotional books and site… I will not use them though for prints. They will be truly be one of a kind.

you can contact me for quotes and information at thanson@beanleafpress.com.


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