the Elf Girl

the Elf Girl

I don’t know who really sees these and I am looking at revamping the site a little. Might need a little help with that, but I will continue to share them.

Keep creating



Odo » 28 Jun 2013 » Reply

I rarely comment, but this one is neat. I wouldn't want to be the one she blamed for some minor infraction. I'd want at least a 2 level advantage.

goosefairy » 27 Jun 2013 » Reply

Ditto! Please don't stop sharing if you're still creating new art.

Celidah » 26 Jun 2013 » Reply

I'm another one who sees them through RSS. I do love the sketches! I just don't really have anything to say about them, therefore I rarely comment. I pretty much enjoy everything that you are willing to share with your wonderful readers!

@psalmtree » 26 Jun 2013 » Reply

I also catch updates via RSS, and am enjoying your practice/experiments 🙂

lmhwjs » 26 Jun 2013 » Reply

I love when you post your art, please keep doing so!

sfbell09 » 26 Jun 2013 » Reply

I catch your updates through my RSS subscription to the site. The foliage you do is a great balance between detailed and ambigous, but it always feels natural and thick. I would be glad to offer what assistance I can, should you decide to seek help with changing the site.

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