The Bean 166
The Bean 166
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Hey just thought I would make mention of this. If you are doing a webcomic or want to be part of this just click the link above. You can’t nominate your own stuff, and I am not asking for nominations myself. I just think this is kind of pretty cool and something people might be interested in. So if you are go take a gander and have fun nominating your friends, but remember to read the rules first. You don’t want to ruin it.



Sven Böttcher » 21 Nov 2019 » Reply

the young Hero find “the sword” and must proof himself against a huge Monster. Hmm.. with the last Page i hear the “Bossfight Theme” from Secret of Mana.

SotiCoto » 6 Sep 2013 » Reply

I'd bet that big beastie just loves tasty trees.
Spends all day just chomping through wood.

Chris » 12 Nov 2010 » Reply

I love your art, it's so dynamic! Bean's expression in the first panel really conveys his shock… The water evaporating around the sword is also very cool.

idd » 12 Nov 2010 » Reply

Jumping BEANS!

Now I wonder, is he Mexican?

garvin » 11 Nov 2010 » Reply

Found this comic this week, finally caught up. I like this, well done. Hope Bean figures out what to do next before he's lizard lunch.

    Trav the bean » 11 Nov 2010 » Reply

    Glad you enjoyed it so far

    Co0kieL0rd » 12 Nov 2010 » Reply

    It's supposed to be a lizard? I thought it's a mammal…

      Trav the bean » 12 Nov 2010 » Reply

      maybe a combo

      SotiCoto » 6 Sep 2013 » Reply

      Definitely not mammalian.
      Mammalian teeth are pretty much always specialised and separated by type (unless they don't have any at all). Reptilian teeth, on the other hand, tend to just be a bunch of pegs.

      That said, this thing's "teeth" seem to be somewhat external to its face… like some extension of a facial carapace… so it is probably a completely different branch of the tree of life altogether.

Nemai » 11 Nov 2010 » Reply

Methinks tis a bad moment to be pausing and wondering who did what when… They's a giant hungered toothy thing looking all glowery nearby

Hoomi » 11 Nov 2010 » Reply

Shades of Steve Urkel… "Did I do that?"

Co0kieL0rd » 11 Nov 2010 » Reply

Didn't expect the creature to be this big

ArtieTech » 11 Nov 2010 » Reply


Lax » 11 Nov 2010 » Reply

So, was it the sword that made that move or did it give him heightened abilities?

    Trav the bean » 11 Nov 2010 » Reply

    we will have to wait and see:)

      Lax » 11 Nov 2010 » Reply

      Man, you never give things away! You're always teasing or acting without a clue >:(

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