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There are some really exciting things coming down the pipeline. The biggest is the announcement of a special new book project that I am working on that will be Kickstarted this nov (AFTER all the rewards are given out for the art book) and don’t worry Bean will continue to update twice a week.

This book is about a treasure hunt with my famous crew of Pirate Bears. For years I have been asked when I would do a book with these guys, but to be honest I never had the right story. Until now. The script is done and I am working on the art and as the time gets closer I will be posting more and more art from the story.

It will be a 32 page Full color hardcover book and it deals with the Greatest Treasure Hunt ever. That’s all I can tell you at the moment.  I feel though it’s about time to start doing color books, especially after the success of the artbook.

So here’s to an incredible adventure.

Keep creating-



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Laura » 24 Jul 2013 » Reply

love this idea – will it also be a treasure hunt for the reader – finding hidden things on the page?
I hope you make the first art book and this one a pledge level (please oh please)

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