A break in the hunt…. Q & A with Trav

Ok you have heard me ramble about a few subjects dealing with my views on webcomics and story creation. Honestly I like to ramble and have found myself to be quite good at it. With that being said, I have realized that there are other things people might be interested. So let’s stop the hunt for a moment and take a moment to have a little campfire chat.

This is the part of the show, that I open up to the audience, to ask questions. You can ask almost anything be it about the Bean, Storylines, Prints, How to, or what ever pops into your head. I’ll answer them all.

If there is silence there is not much I can do about that and I will just believe that everyone is reading the story:).

Anyways the time is now yours.



lam to duong vat » 21 Jan 2020 » Reply

ít's really good for sex tu the quan he

Trav the bean » 11 Aug 2010 » Reply

Amen to that scott.

Trav the bean » 30 Jun 2010 » Reply

i endorse it. It took a little bit to get used to but on the overall i like it a lot

Trav the bean » 23 Jun 2010 » Reply

ok sorry for the delay. One thing I see that drives me nuts in webcomics is shock value. What can I do to get people to come to my webcomic? Many throw in nudity and gore just to try to attrack readers. They base their entire premise on how perverse they can make it without realizing they are sacrificing their story just for a few extra readers. It seems that some have no faith in the original idea.

The art of creating a story, is learning where to put things. For me violence can be show but it should be done to enhance the story- not just to show how much blood someone can draw. Nudity is the same, I look at some of the warriors and their outfits, which in a real fight, would leave them open to all sorts of flesh wounds. Honestly unless it is part of the story and there is a reason, leave it out.

Now I am talking epic stories, gag strips are something else, and many are just made for shock factor, but shock factor dies out quickly and if there is no meat to the artwork or the writing, your strip gag or not fades away.

just my two cents

    Scott » 24 Jun 2010 » Reply

    I agree; most gag comics that last usually stop doing shock (or outright just random) elements and start putting together a story. And then they have to retcon the previous silliness.

    The only gag comics that don't have to do this are ones that use more 'smart' humour. These are the ones based more on interesting facts… the audience is rather specific but it WORKS because with web comics you can pick and choose.

    And speaking of epic, one of the reasons why I enjoy the Bean is because it also avoids the typical, painful "Epic" trend of comics. Where they have to remind you that "Hey, this is EPIC!" and "by the way? EPIC!". We get to see more of the Bean's simple life first which is critical. The focus is on story first and foremost… whereas others as you mention tend to focus on sex, gore or "trying to be epic".

      Trav the bean » 24 Jun 2010 » Reply

      yet smart humor is rare- bill watterson is one that found a way to push the intelligence of his audience, Gary larsen as well.

Trav the bean » 23 Jun 2010 » Reply

I love Jeff's work as well as the early wendy and richard pini elfquest as well. I enjoy also Usagi Yojimbo, and there are several webcomics that have put me back in my groove. Atland, the meek, and a few others.

Right now though my go to books are really bone and usagi

Trav the bean » 23 Jun 2010 » Reply

I have several characters that i am attached to and sometimes that attachment changes daily. It all depends on where i am with the story

Trav the bean » 22 Jun 2010 » Reply

Bean has a name, not being revealed yet. Yet he was always called bean because of his size and how unimportant he was in everyone's eyes. No mistake. Yet it is what he is called.

The back story is there, I just haven't had the need to address it yet:)

CFsoftie » 22 Jun 2010 » Reply

I can't think of any intelligent questions right now. Yes, I *could* ask for spoilers like "what are you going to tell us about <insert character name here>?" But that would defeat the point of reading the rest of the story.

Maybe I will have questions when the story is much further advanced. But the way it is going so far I don't feel that is too likely. 🙂

    Trav the bean » 22 Jun 2010 » Reply

    so what spoiler would you ask to know about? Not that I am going to give it, but I might give a hint or two:)

Trav the bean » 22 Jun 2010 » Reply

Tattoo- he was pretty cool.

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