a few places to check out….

I have rather enjoyed finding a few blogs and comics that have been hidden gems. I enjoy them quite a bit and if I like something good enough, I’ll recommend it. Right now here are a few places that I have found to be quite enjoyable and if they send me a 125×125 banner I’ll link the up:)

So lets begin.

Twilight Monk- Now I had seen Trents work before and let me tell you he is a kindred spirit. I love his art style and his attention to detail. His comic is in the beginning stages, yet if he can keep the pace, this one will be one to watch. A very talented comic illustrator. I was reintroduced to his works a few days ago and let me tell you it was a real pleasure to see his incredible world that he is creating. I would recommend checking this one out.

Marooned reminds me of a newspaper comic of the late 80’s early 90’s. From what I have seen it’s pretty good. Some fun gags and the art is clean and vintage like. Major Tom 🙂 has a good thing going and updates twice a week. It’s worth the visit.

One thing I do enjoy is watching a comic grow and adapt to improve itself. I met the creators of Planes of Eldlor at Phoenix and I have watched over the last few months how they are striving to improve their comic. It was nice to see them with their own table at Long Beach Comic Con. Another webcomic in its infancy but with strong potential. They have a nice take on dragons and have some great little prints and bookmarks as well. I am interested to see where they will end up in a few years.

Ok on the blogs-

Digital Strips- just like the banner says. This is a pod casts and these guys review, honestly I might add, talk and joke about webcomics and other geek stuff in general. Do I listen, I try, and guys I am sorry about not updating more color pages, I know you like them, but I got to finish the story first and I got about 3 to 4 years to go. Than we’ll go back and color it all. Anyways give them a listen.

Just a girl with a love for Lord of the Rings, graphic novels, Dungeons & Dragons, all things Whedon, Battlestar Galactica, the magical interwebz, comics, costumes, webcomics, renfaires, and most things science fiction and fantasy. I am mildly obsessed with Star Wars. Ok I stole that from Amy’s blog, but it sums her up so well. So go read her blog, she has some great articles on costume creations. Looking to see her as Ravna next year at SDCC. No pressure Amy, no pressure.

Another cool blog from a girls point of view on all things fantasy. Her top story right now is about a little girls getting teased about her Star Wars water bottle….really???  I mean come on, anyways she’s doing some cool things about it. So I figured I would help spread the love a little.   She does though need a cool banner – so I might take a moment to design her one, because I am not a fan of the text on top. Yet I have enjoyed some of her articles. One of the cool things I have noticed is more and more of the best review and opinion sites are being done by these young ladies and it’s pretty dang cool. They have a very unique insight, and one I fully appreciate. So lets them some more love to their sites.

This is he last of my blog posts. The geek girls network is dedicated to all things geek as well:) It is a cool blog with all sorts of cool articles. So stop on by and give a whirl.

Ok that’s it for this week on places I enjoy- there are many more but I really do not want my blog to get to long and besides it takes away from those that I showcased today. Yet if you have a moment and need something to do, stop by and visit a few of these sites. So enjoy creating and have fun-