Phoenix Comicon Cover Art

Phoenix Comicon 2013 Cover Piece.
by travis hanson.

Here’s this year’s cover piece for the Phoenix Comicon Brochure- A fantastic show and one of the best on the west coast.

Every character on the page has something to do with the show in one form or another. Either they are the creation of a quest, a character that a guest has played, or something that has to do with an event of an overall fantastic show.

Can you guess, who’s who:)

maybe we’ll do a prize to the person that gets them all right.


Dixon X. » 27 Sep 2017 » Reply

The character and the story of this comic are really fantastic. My son liked it too much and has also learned new things from this comic book. This is the reason this comic is also my favorite australian writing services stuff to watch out. I would appreciate the writer for its amazing skills. » 14 Jun 2013 » Reply

Fantastic cover! way to go Travis.

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