Inking with trav- video

The warrior princess (11×14)

A new piece- with a video that talks about the process of inking on vellum. A process I have found that I rather enjoy.  More artwork coming soon and I am also going to add a video section to the site since I am working on several new videos – maybe i will put it in shop talk.

Here’s the video


gillsing » 19 Feb 2013 » Reply

Nice rock faces. And übercool warrior princess.

Jon Hrubesch » 17 Feb 2013 » Reply

Thanks Travis!

trav » 17 Feb 2013 » Reply

Hi Jon-
I use a mustek scanner. It scans 11×17. I scan it as a bitmap (300dpi) and than convert it to grayscale. The scanner is under 200 and I am on my 3rd in the last 10 years. I like it a lot. The whole process of using the tracing paper makes it enjoyable, while i can ink in illustrator. I still crave the feeling of a pen in my hand. Something about it.

Oh for my 18×24 i scan them in sections and rebuild them in ps. Very easy.
keep creating-

Jon h » 17 Feb 2013 » Reply

Thanks for showing this Travis. I played around with making a graphic novel last year but I was never happy with the look of the line work. Infact I found some of the processes I experimented with to be down right drudgery like using illustrator to make and or clean up the lines. Your technique looks much more enjoyable. It would be nice to use my art table again and be able to step away from the computer screen for a time. My only concern, if I used this technique one day, is how do you transfer your image into the computer? Do you have a large scanner or do you keep the size of your work small enough for a normal sized scanner? That has always been an issue for me when I work traditionally.

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