New Prints and a kickstarter update

Now, I am not sure anyone reads these here, but i feel that i need to update here as well. Here is my current update for my imagination book.

as we hit the goal, I found that in my heart the true stretch goal needed to be about the number of books that were to be sent out. It’s the message I want people to experience. That message that the gift of imagination is one of the most precious gifts we have. I want people to realize that, and then revisit it. That’s it ok for adults to enjoy the magic they once knew and use it for their benefit.

So my goal is to be able to draw in a 1000 books when this all over. That means a 1000 people on the list, we are at 307 adventurers.  I think if that happens well hit the coloring book goal without a problem.

All I am asking is to spread the word- to share the dream and help others either rekindle the magic or just reinforce the magic. Come find the dreamers, the lovers, and come hang out with me….

If you want to get an artbook- come pledge and secure your spot by clicking here!

here are some images from inside the book