2014 and beyond

Sitting here working on some more art- i find myself contemplating on where 2014 will take me. Right now I honestly don’t know, there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding my future and what it holds. Which means I must be standing at a door looking into the dark and unknown- pondering if I should step through and take a leap of faith, close the door and move on, or just sit in this spot and keep waiting. It’s a hard position to be in.

You see my goals are always ongoing- I find myself realizing that i am no longer just an indy comic book artist. It’s a constant battle, one full of obstacles, setbacks and opportunities. I love story telling and creating, not just comics, comics are actually a small part of it but story telling in general. That is my passion and my goals revolve around that. That is also the big gamble for the months to come.

I plan to produce two of my own books this year. Bean is a given, i am honor bound to keep that going. The bears will be my true challenge. It is a story that has taken a long time to get where it is at and so we will see if I can pull it off. There is a lot riding on this goal, a lot.

But i am a believer that “if you want to do some bad enough, you will find a way to make it happen”. I am also a believer that i cannot do this alone, my goals are meant to be shared, to be enjoyed with others. I could never have completed any of my other books, if had not been for those that have supported my art for soooo long. Those that believe in the dream, just as much as I do. Thank you for that.

So as i look through this door into the unknown, and it is unknown and it is life changing, and it is terrifying because i understand what the end goal is for me and i am scarred, I admit it. It is something that I have to do alone to some degree. Yet, isn’t that what the adventurer must do as they set out, take a chance, try, deal with fear, deal with self-doubt only to realize that in all reality they can do it?

For this year my goal is to produce and finish a book unlike anything i have ever done before and put my self in a position to do another and then another. It is a new dream that i found in my heart several months back and i can feel it growing and growing. Which means I need to share it as well with others.

Because dreams need to be shared so others can help keep you going.

Find your dream, keep pushing forward and do something amazing this year.