39 today

Today I turn 39, not by choice mind you, but by the way life just seems to move on regardless on how we feel about it.  I am amazed how quickly the days and weeks pass by as I engage myself into my work and family, realizing that my mortal probation is just a fleeting moment in the grand scheme of things.

So what does one do? In looking back over the last 39 years, there have been many ups and downs. Disappointments and very wonderfully successful moments, many of which just deal with my family and not my body of work. There have been trials and struggles, and even frustrations, but the joy and the accomplishment out weigh the emotional sadness one might feel. I am grateful to go through those tough times so I can truly appreciate that joy that comes with it.

Though I am 39 I do not feel it. I feel young in heart and in mind. I am looking forward to these next 10 years. My body might be a little slower, but my desire to accomplish my life’s goals burn harder than ever. So what do I want to accomplish.

You see one can go through life wandering, with no purpose, just dealing with the day to day, than plopping themselves down in front of tube, computer or game and just vedge away…. they miss out on what is really out there. They miss out on what life can offer them. There is so much one can do all you have to do is start.

Your dreams are yours, and if you nothing about them, they stay dreams. Yet if you get up and start walking towards them your dream becomes reality.

I want to do a lot this next 10 years and I look forward to the challenge, the fun, and the joy it will bring. So what do I plan to do? well the list is long, but I will share a little.

My family is first, so I plan to be there not just physically but emotionally as well. Take my parental and husband responsibilities seriously. My goals would mean nothing if I sacrifice my family to get there. I want to teach them that they can do anything, just keep priorities straight.

My faith, which is private to me, but keeps sane, as it helps me see a much bigger picture in this test we call life. I want to be kinder, more patient and understanding, especially in a world full of anger and pettiness.

My art, I will will finish my series. I draw the last page to issue 5 tonight. I have no idea if the distribution will get fixed? you can buy the books at my store if you like. Yet it is my dream, my goal and if i only sell 500 or 10000 or even 100000 I will know that I finished it and that I was happy with it. Thirty plus issues is the goal and then I might start another one.

Other things I want to do. I plan to learn the piano, I want to figure out how knit (i don’t know why) I want build furniture, I actually want to read war and peace (I already read the bible cover to cover, just to say I did it, long book good read as well) so I want to pick a bigger novel. I want to paint…..

There are no limits to what one can accomplish if they put their mind to it. I say put your mind to it. Become a doer and not just a sayer. Show us you want to make your goals happen. If you want to make the world a better place, than start with you and don’t tell me, lead with your example. Excuses are nothing more than dream killers. They are empty words, that we believe way to much in.

Go find your dream and see where the next 10 years takes you.

For me, it will be fun. It will be interesting and I am looking forward to becoming a little kinder, a little more patient and a lot more focused.

May your day be filled with creativity-