Life of the Party 337
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There is a hidden reference in there and nobody has gotten yet…. 🙂 I love it.


David » 25 Jun 2019 » Reply

It makes me think of Temple of Doom.

Nope » 10 Dec 2018 » Reply

Is another webcomic with a "Lord hamster"… just sayin…

Rusty ref? » 9 Sep 2018 » Reply

Is that a green Gelatinous Cube with the party on the right? If so I can't find the rust monster but any of the furniture could be a mimic.

Tom » 14 Jul 2018 » Reply

Is it star trek, with the alien that stops them cold with an intimidating green alien but turns out to be a cherubic being? Like one of the first episodes

Rexhinalt » 20 Jun 2018 » Reply

Ack, typos. And no edit capability in this comment system.

Rexhinalt » 20 Jun 2018 » Reply

I mean, it's a joka-a-day strip so it doesn't matter what order you read them in, but some people's sense of order will cause them to prefer numeric order. It's also allows one to watch the art evolve in the correct order (not that its ever actually *bad*)

Rexhinalt » 20 Jun 2018 » Reply

Basic googling found me (I'm new to the strip also). Strips #1 -> #107 are there, in reverse order, meaning the home page has the most recent. As of this posting, the link I provide is where #1 is. If the creator adds to the archive, the start point will shift. I have no more idea than you where #108 -> 336 are, and for all his artistic and comedic virtues, Mr. Hanson is clearly not the most proficient webpage designer ever.

Colette » 9 Jun 2018 » Reply

Where can I find Life of the Party 1 – 336?

Thrudhammer » 4 Mar 2018 » Reply


Random Guy » 1 Mar 2018 » Reply

I see a star wars reference.


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