Life of the Party #479

know the difference….


Calvin » 22 May 2018 » Reply

In some circles, Wyverns *are* dragons, simply one of many species of dragon. I'm assuming the dragon shown off-panel is 1 pair of legs + pair of wings (Wyvern), and the stocky fellow thinks the term "Dragon" means Western or Occidental Dragon (2 pairs of legs + pair of wings).

So the stocky fellow may not be a “true adventurer” either, but in the end, his little shielded companion still has a valid point. 🙂

(My girlfriend has been nerding about dragon mythozoology lately…)

    artisarealjob » 22 May 2018 » Reply

    Is the Russian Dragon a true dragon or a winged Hydra?

Abe Normal » 20 May 2018 » Reply

When looking down the business end of a giant flying lizard, they all look the same.

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