Life of the Party – Vol 2 Roll for initiative…. new kickstarter

Hi guys- I am alive, finally beating the flu and getting back into gear with more Bean on the way and the 2nd volume to my very fun Comic series Life of the Party. Life of the Party will also be coming to here very very soon. The comic is also a new kickstarter at the moment and is just growing. Right now the book is getting more like the first one. It’s already a hard cover and if you are familiar with how I do my kicks – the rewards are just getting more awesome every time we beat another level. (we’re on level 7 at the moment and about ready to clear it).

So if you want to join the Party – just click the link and come hang out on this great adventure.


Chloe Bailey » 14 Jan 2020 » Reply

Great job. I like your picture. Your design talent is great. As well, I'm also a professional but in another field. I'm a writer at I like my job.

Tachycardia » 4 Jul 2018 » Reply

I'm happy you're welll now!

Dan » 7 Jun 2018 » Reply

Hey Travis, what’s going on with The Bean? It been a LONG time since it updated. Is everything alright?

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