The Imagination Gap


Growing up I can remember playing  in my imagination. It was an adventure everyday. Adventures that took me places and help me figure out what direction I wanted to go in life. My imagination gives me hope and allows me to dream big… Our imagination is a gift, a very precious gift one that when not used can be lost to us. We forget how powerful a gift it can be.  So maybe playing outside, or with legos, blocks, action figures, is ok. It is a gift that can push us forward and help us solve complex issues and most importantly make life enjoyable. So dream big, embrace your imagination and let the adventure always move you forward.

This piece is also part of a very special project called the sunday’s comic project. You can find more information on this project here… Sunday’s Comic Project on Face Book.

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You are right, Trav, imagination is a gift and it is really important to know how to use it in the right way.

Flieg » 28 Nov 2015 » Reply

Trav —

Last night I had a dream about creating adventures. I mentioned this to a friend of mine who is a poet/songwriter. Her muse hit her upside the head and she created a song on the spot. I share it with you for you to enjoy and to know that you are not the only person who gets suddenly caught up in creating. I'm afraid that I can't attach an mp3 file of her singing it.

I had dreams of designing adventures,
trips I am sure we'll take soon!
A train through the mountains to the castle from where
we will leave in in a hot air balloon.

Adventures for you and me.
We will do this!
Just you wait and see!

The balloon will carry us over
A shining moonlit sea
With three master schooners and mermaids on rocks
Who sing to us in harmony

Adventures for you and me.
We will do this!
Just you wait and see!

We will land in a meadow of daisies
Near the lair of a dragon all gold
She will come out to greet us spend all the day
Telling us grand tales of old.

Adventures for you and me.
We will do this!
Just you wait and see!

That night we will meet with the elf-folk
And dance with them under the moon
Then wake in the morning to find we’ve returned
To go home in our waiting balloon.

Adventures for you and me.
We will do this!
Just you wait and see!

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