Ape review and new colored page

Well, APE is over and I am now at home, watching my kids play and feeling the exhaustion set in. Though by the time this posts I will be asleep.

APE was good. Huge shout out to my Brother-in-law Jimmy who really helped me stay focus and get the show all organized and working. I could not have done it without him.

Really the only draw back was the rain sunday morning, other than that it was a nice little show. I enjoyed my time with the Hicks, Steamcrow and several other incredible creative individuals.

One of the reasons I enjoy the shows so much, is the creative high one feels while you are there and the lasting motivation one feels, when you return home and get back into the daily grind of production.

Another cool thing were when several people came up to us and said they had seen my books in a local store of theirs. I was really jazzed, especially since distribution of the comics have not been solved. I am grateful for the store that did pick us up and supports us. It is a huge boost knowing their are stores that still support independents.

Issue 7- Well that is rocking as well. A lot of things are happening on that front. I am really excited that the pencils are done. Another cool thing is i started the inks today. I feel in the groove, though I am taking today off to recover. Yet I will be sinking my teeth into it all tomorrow.

Well take a moment to check out the new color page. Thanks for all the support.