Bean Concept sketches…places

Here is some concept art to a few places that might be visited in the world of the broken moon.

These sketches were all done with a ball point pen in my sketchbook. I do not usually show them.

These sketches were also done as I waited in the juror room for jury duty. I will post the second one prob friday.

Concept art is important to me, more for location than anything else. It helps me get a feel for placement and direction and at times a inn or two to stop at in my travels through the comics.

I feel to me it is important to have a very organic feel to my world. Even if their are areas based on mechanics, they still need to feel like they naturally belong to environment.

I personally adore the house on the bottom. Yes it is a little hobbit like but that is ok. I like it’s feel and I am a sucker for round doors. You can thank Rankin/Bass for that.

While character design is important and all, I feel the world you characters live in are even more important and if you can create a believable world that your characters live in your comics and stories become a lot stronger.

Well back to the grind. I will have actual book release dates for issue 6 later in the week. Until then the Ogres have a new batch of ale, brewed just the other day. Enjoy