Character: the Bean

Name: Bean

Age: 12 or so

Race: Half-Elf (hence the 4 fingers)

Hometown: Darkleaf

Occupation: Dishwasher of

the Silver Dagger, also a thief for Gort

Family: Parents (unkown)

Story: Bean is a 12 year old dishwasher of the Silver Dagger. He has worked at the inn since his father left him to the care of Gort at the age of 4. He is a helpful young man always trying to find the positive in his situation. He is curious about his father’s whereabouts which at times gets him into trouble with Gort who would much rather him forget it.

Bean was sent out for shrooms by Gorts brother Groggle and was kidnapped by an evil troll, hunting a magic weapon of sorts.