The Bean 484
The Bean 484
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We are in phoenix comicon prep. Means there is a lot to get done before next week. I will still be updating daily with sketches, comics and other fun.

Today’s update deals with the return of a crazed old creature.

Keep creating-





Ruthie » 1 Jul 2013 » Reply

The Collector is just not happy unless something is exploding… apparently 😀

    trav » 6 Dec 2013 » Reply

    he is kinda of moody and a little crazy- but the weave does that to you:)

Mouse » 13 May 2013 » Reply

There is an amazing amount of detail in these two panels. It's fantastic, and reminds me of Todd McLellan's work. Looking at this is really making me wish I could read the script on those pages! (:

    Trav the bean » 14 May 2013 » Reply

    tried really hard to convey anger and confusion- i was nervous originally about all the detail, but i am glad it all worked out:)

trav » 13 May 2013 » Reply

i would agree – why cant we:) well i can't afford to fix for one… so i guess i will just do it on paper…:)

Alain » 13 May 2013 » Reply

Great fantasy world trashing! Full of written pages! Can't help thinking that you secretly want to trash your hotel room in Phoenix. If rock superstars can trash their rooms why can't webcomicker superstars do the same?

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