The Bean 486
The Bean 486
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This week is the Phoenix comicon – a lot going on and I will be adding more info tomorrow.



Ruthie » 1 Jul 2013 » Reply

See, folks, he just had to vent a little and he's back to rhyming again.

    trav » 6 Dec 2013 » Reply

    yup a little emotional outburst helps everyone.

Roy » 20 May 2013 » Reply

it's = it is, its = possessive in 2nd panel. Third panel kerning on 'torn' is rough, looks like tom. lastly, a comma after the first long would be nice. Last panel, last 'i' is lowercase.

onasaki » 20 May 2013 » Reply

Why is the comic so small? I can't read the dialogue.

Karyl » 20 May 2013 » Reply

You've got a typo-remember is spelled remeber in your comic–otherwise, the troll just doesn't quit, does he??

    trav » 20 May 2013 » Reply

    comic is now corrected- thanks for catching that.

    and yes, yes he doesn't quit

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