The Bean 764
The Bean 764
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within the chaos….


Olivier » 17 May 2019 » Reply

Oh no, not another hiatus…

    Express Jackets » 14 Nov 2022 » Reply

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Darrow » 18 Apr 2019 » Reply

How do the colors, shape, textures, and lines contribute to the mood and meaning of the comic page?

Bruce » 2 Apr 2019 » Reply

I feel like I’m calling into the cave again, Hello?

    Kuggur » 7 Apr 2019 » Reply

    Risky business, calling into caves like that….

    The Puck 1 » 23 Apr 2019 » Reply

    He is still alive, and posts on FB all the time

Ruthie » 1 Apr 2019 » Reply

Looking forward to any new updates, when you start them again! Thanks for a great comic!

Kuggur » 30 Mar 2019 » Reply

It would be nice to get a heads up about the state of this comic. Unannounced hiatus does often not bode well. It would be a pity if this would be the end,really like the story and the artwork.

    StarMagpie » 2 Apr 2019 » Reply

    Agree. This used to be such a reliable strip. Sad to see it fade so badly.

Ravi Sharma » 28 Feb 2019 » Reply

Really Nice updates

Kuggur » 28 Jan 2019 » Reply

Any chance of updates on the horizon?

Mike » 28 Jan 2019 » Reply

Dang it, looks like he's gone on hiatus again 🙁

Paul Jacob Huck » 3 Dec 2018 » Reply

I have decided that I am perfectly content with B&W Bean, because I know that eventually it will be colored.

Thanks for the page, Travis! ~ Puck

    Stephen Marts » 16 Dec 2018 » Reply

    I have also decided that I am perfectly cont with B&W Bean because I will get to know waht happens in the story AND I can use my imagination to decorate it. 🙂


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