The Bean 764
The Bean 764
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within the chaos….


stain bulton » 25 Feb 2021 » Reply

your art is amazing, can you make one for me Love Poetry

Sylvia99 » 12 Feb 2021 » Reply

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Malena » 1 Feb 2021 » Reply

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evileeyore » 2 Nov 2020 » Reply

Two years and no word from the artist? Off my feed list.

Link » 15 Feb 2020 » Reply

Hey when’s the next one coming?

daniyalhunt » 9 Jan 2020 » Reply

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Kuggur » 29 Nov 2019 » Reply

I am giving up on this, a year long hiatus wthout a word from the creator is pretty hopeless. Hope everything is allright with Trav.
Pity, one of my favorite comics on the web.

Toby Grauberger » 13 Sep 2019 » Reply

It is a bummer though. I feel we were nearing the end of the tale..

Hoomi » 28 Jul 2019 » Reply

In fairness, folks LOTP is paying the bills for Trav. It should be difficult to fault him for focusing on the product that keeps the lights on and food in the fridge.

    Ent » 21 Aug 2019 » Reply

    Valid point but it doesn't excuse leaving his readers with absolutely no information. If you aren't going to continue the story at least let people know.

connectr » 14 Jul 2019 » Reply

Trav, we are still waiting ….


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