The Bean 115
The Bean 115
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williamwoodruf » 19 Dec 2022 » Reply

I read chapter 4 of forgotten stories last night and found it awesome. I returned from the office tired, but after reading this chapter, all my tiredness disappeared. I am eagerly waiting for the next chapter.

Jonna Derita » 8 Apr 2021 » Reply

Thanks. Also

allmobitools » 1 Aug 2019 » Reply

It was a great content. i loved it.

timmothy » 4 Sep 2010 » Reply

OMG, I think they have an ROUS–inconceivable! You have a great story going here and I'm loving it. Sometime tomorrow I'm going to catch up to the current installment and then I'll have to wait to see what happens.

    Trav the bean » 15 Dec 2010 » Reply

    Rous- no…. it's called a Gre-nel and a little more dangerous they are:)

MathBuster » 2 Aug 2010 » Reply

I was wondering; what is with the strange page jump here? From p=203 to p=592?
Other than that; great artwork and interesting comic! =D

    Trav the bean » 2 Aug 2010 » Reply

    actually it a scene change the end of one book and the beginning of another:) it just seems harsh online:) but in print it works really well.

    I am glad you are enjoying it

anbu » 23 Jun 2010 » Reply

The barkeep's gonna take those goblins out apache style.

Jason » 20 May 2010 » Reply

I really love this page and the creatures you have here. I haven't read anything yet but I'm about to start from the beginning. Great looking art!

    Trav the bean » 20 May 2010 » Reply

    Thanks jason- I am really interested to what you think of the series after you read it through. Just hoping I am on the right track:)

@T_Tibke » 17 May 2010 » Reply

Fantastic depiction of this scene. It's just how I pictured it. I suppose that's a compliment to Amy just as much as you 😀

    trav » 19 May 2010 » Reply

    Well it was written from my roughs from the original comic many years ago- so it fit really really well. I am glad you like it. I am looking forward to seeing you at phoenix – gonna be a great show.

RtVD » 17 May 2010 » Reply

Awesome, oh, and I have RSS feeds for both this site and the needcomics one in answer to your question at needcomics, so I can live with it just being this place.

    trav » 19 May 2010 » Reply

    thanks man- i appreciate that:)

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