Honestly when you were 10 you could do anything, go anywhere and conquer it all. Then doubt crept in and slowly, or rather quickly we were told that we couldn’t. Yet I don’t believe that and as I went back through my art, I realized that it was telling me, that dreams can be accomplished. We just have to put the effort in to make it happen.

You are entitled to nothing, except what you earn. There is no easy path, but there is a path, one that is full of failure and frustration, yet eventually ends in success and accomplishment. It really is all about how you choose to look at.

So pick up the wooden sword and face those dragons. In the end you might just surprise yourself, and like when you were 10, accomplish something fantastic.



Judith Lewis » 15 Feb 2023 » Reply

I totally agree with you. After all, it was the best carefree time of our lives. But student life is no less interesting and varied. Especially if you have help with writing paper, which is always helpful in times of need. And there is always time for something more interesting than studying.

Nick Cowley » 8 May 2012 » Reply

Hi Travis.
I love your work, so inevitably I'm looking to purchase hard copies of your comic, BUT it seems you don't list New Zealand as a country which is understandable considering the size of it. 🙂 So is there another way?? Did I mention your comic is the coolest? Cheers Nick

David » 23 Apr 2012 » Reply

Playing D&D was never for me but when I was in college I had a lot of good friends who were really into it. The funny thing is that some of them were brilliant students and some of them flunked out!

Grey Matter » 9 Feb 2012 » Reply

This. Is. Brilliant! It is now my desktop wallpaper and I'm sharing it with my students! They will probably laugh because this means I'll wind up explaining that I play D&D, but who cares! 😀

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