16 years ago, I married you, my best friend Janell. It felt right then as it feels right now.

Now 16 years later I look back and I see how right that choice has been.

I love the fact that our struggles have been together. I love that we don’t fight and look for ways to build one another up. We might disagree but I love the fact that we allow ourselves to be different. I love that you are the mother of our children. I love the fact you enjoy being with them as well.

I love your sense of humor and your shyness. I love how we can just talk and I love how we flirt, it keeps marriages alive. I love how we are so different, yet we are still on the same page. I love your perspective.

I love your patience, marrying an artist is not an easy task. We tend to be moody and driven, yet you are there for me. I love the fact you have grown to appreciate my artwork and I love hiding things in my art for you.

I love your passion for music and books.  I love your smile, your cuddles, and your wit.

I even love the fact that you kill me in scrabble.

I love how you encourage me to dream, and I love how you support my works.  I love the fact that you are down to earth, that you appreciate all people and I love how kind you are.

I love how you help me stay  young.

I love that you still smile really big when I bring you daisies.

I love that you like long drives and that you like to garden. I love the fact that I can make you laugh..even if my sense of humor is a bit off.

I never realized how much of a better man I would be because of you. I see it now and I love you even more because of it. I do not know how I would function without my best friend, my eternal companion, my beautiful sweetheart. How lucky I am that I found you and how more lucky I am that you would want to spend eternity with me.

It is from you, that I have found my self trying to improve. It is your support that drives my art. It is your smile at the end of a long day that brings me hope and peace. It is your faith that strengthens me when all else fails. I never knew I could love someone so much, with so much passion and so unselfishly.

My darling, thank you for 16 years. Though hard at times, they are so much easier to endure with you at my side.  I look forward to what the future brings for our family and I look forward to continuing on this fantastic journey with you.

Here’s to a wonderful anniversary tomorrow. A beautiful reminder that our marriage is a team effort and how awesome it has been. I will love you forever….