Issue 7 cover all done now!

Ok all Issue 7 cover is done. I finally got back it to the grove – it has been a very rough few weeks and I have been trying to figure out where the drive had gone to. It has made it’s way back and there have been some great things that that have happened these past few weeks.

The first is issue 7 cover is now done. That was a relief, it took a bit to get done and I am really glad that I was able finish it.

Also I scripted issue 9 which I finished last night on airplane. plus some new developments to the story which came about from some sketching as well.

Today I should also finish the scripting to issue 7, I was able to scan, clean up and drop in the artwork to 7 also on the plane. It was nice to have a quiet moment to think and work.

So I guess people are tired of waiting…. here is the cover enjoy. It’s rather big… yet still fun to look at…

keep creating – trav