SDCC and other Things

Off to SDCC- Yes it is that time of year and boy are we looking forward to it. The booth is E11 and the deal is always the same. Just stop by and get a free sketch. San Diego can be a little maddening at times and that’s what helps make it what is. I enjoy the show a lot and also realize there is so much to see there that it can be a tad awe-inspiring.

Also I will have a wide variety of new prints, new comics (Since last year) and over 40 different buttons to choose from.  Trying a few new things this year.

I would also recommend that you hunt a few other of my linked friends down that will be there. Such as Steamcrow, Coppervale studios and J.S.Lewis. Also …. My friend Jason of will be roaming the hall, so I hope he takes a moment to stop by.

I will have updates as the show progress and do not worry the comic will still be updating. It’s on autopilot, which is really nice.

So now I go back to prepping out the show and figuring out how to get everything to slip into place. I will also be posting a special update on a very special project I have started. I should have that update up today or tomorrow.

Well back to creating….