Shop Talk: Why I am passionate about art
Why so passionate about art?
These last few weeks have been an eyeopener for me. There was a moment when I realized that I am mortal and that I truly love the healing power that the arts can bring to a soul. I am not just talking about art, but writing and music as well. These are powerful gifts and tools, endowed upon anyone that is willing to put in a little effort and time to figure out how incredibly wonderful the release can be. I am not so much talking about the finished piece, which is the icing on the cake, but the process to get to that finished piece.

It does not matter the skill level, or the tools one uses, nor is important how detailed a piece is. What is important is realizing that it is a release. An opportunity to pull out stress, frustrations, sorrow, happiness and so many other emotions. It is the journey of exploring something new and not worrying if coloring outside the lines is bad. What matters is that you try…

Art is the act of building or creating something that has been pulled out from deep inside us. It is how we see the world and at times how we think the world treats us. It solves problems, and inspires others to try new techniques and figure out something new.

The misconception at times is that is has to be a career, that we will never be good at it or as good as we perceive someone else is. Breaking this train of thought can be difficult and frustrating. It saps our ability to enjoy what the power of art and music can really offer us. When we understand that technique, skill and ability come with time, practice and for the most part trial an error, we see our ability to create grow and blossom.

Yet it comes with experimentation.

Which means that one must pick up a brush, grab a lump of clay, cut shapes out of paper to build something new… it means trying. You are not required to like everything you try, but you might find the release that you are looking for as we struggle to deal with the world racing around us. I am not a fan of oils, I lack patience but I love watercolors and pen and ink. So once I found out what I enjoyed doing I began to pursue those styles and figuring out how I can improve and better my creative release.

The creative process can create a calm in the busy storms of the world. I find that when I just draw for me and do my own thing that an incredible peace comes over my heart. I feel rejuvenated and focused. I don’t mind drawing for others, yet it is when I sit down and just let my emotions and imagination run wild that I find I produce my best work.

It does not cure all ills, it’s not supposed to. It is meant to be a release. A very powerful release as well as a voice for individuals that struggle to speak for themselves. If you want to really understand what goes on in a persons heart, just take a look at their sketchbooks and private works. You might be very surprised and a little humbled by how powerful their message might be.

As a creator, I realize that there are so many different levels to art and music. So many layers of emotions and feelings hidden inside. I know that a lot of people only see the surface, others see a little deeper and then there are some that find the true meanings hidden deep inside.

This is why I love the indy creators sooooo much. Their stories are not always drawn perfectly or told they way professionals would like them to be, full of rules and structure. They were never meant to be. They are usually full of raw emotion, and are mostly labors of love. You see a pure vision of someone elses ideas. You don’t have to like them all, but you realize as you flip through them you will find some incredible gems. For most of us it is a release – something that we need to just get off our chests.

I speak of the peace that the creative process brings. I am serious when I say it is a powerful calming agent. One that people need to try more often. Turning of the electronic visual stimulation can be a hard thing to do, but your mind needs it. You need that release, that quiet moment in life to just pull out the emotions that sometimes well up inside you. A few moments drawing, even stick figures, can do wonders and you don’t even have to share it.

So I challenge you to try something new. Find a creative release don’t let that powerful gift of imagination and creativity die inside you. I draw because that is where I find my peace. Yours is probably very different and that is what makes you fantastic and wonderful. The key is to find what you enjoy and what will work for you.

So be creative…
you never know who you will inspire.