1st Stretch Goal unlocked and the cover!

Stretch Goal 1 UNLOCKED! That’s right, 8 pages are being added to the book as well as a very special print that will be exclusive only to Kickstarter pledges. Regardless of the tier they pledged, they will get a print. (you can see the line work at the bottom).  We are now heading towards the stretch goal that unlocks the coloring book. I am super excited about this, because I really want to do the coloring book.

Now for the Cover!

I finished the cover last night. I am really happy with it, because I believe it touches every aspect of the book in one way or another. I am now working on the back cover and I am coloring the special exclusive print.

Also when we hit the 30k mark I will give out another free print to all tier levels. 🙂

The Exclusive Adventuring Print (8.5×11)

So enjoy the adventure and thanks for coming along. It has been a wild ride and with 30 days left who knows where it can go, maybe we will get to that goal of a 1000 books to be sent off. I hope so.

Thanks so much for believing and being a part of my imaginary worlds. Keep creating and help spread the word-