Stepping up my Game

One thing I have noticed with the Eisner Nod, is opinions about my work are a little clearer in many aspects. Knowing that I am the long shot is fine, I am just excited to be nominated…. Some of the newer reviews about bean have opened my eyes a little about my story and it’s direction. Yes, I do read the views and opinions about my tale, it helps me gauge my work.

I want to thank these reviewers for their honesty. Many of them enjoy the tale, but it has been pointed out that there is a tolkien vibe to the work and that some of it feels like it has been told before. This is fantastic because it is showing me that I need to really up my game here.

More for me, than anyone else, honestly. I see an opportunity here. How to improve on a tale, that I am passionate it about. Hopefully I will be able to make it even better.

One of the things that I have talked about is the importance to listen. That is hard to do and also be willing to separate yourself from your work. It is the only way to make it in a industry full of opinions. Seeing where I need to work on has been good for me and I look forward to this challenge.

Now mind you, I know I have a lot of good stuff here, but I also know I can improve and if I can improve it for the better, I will.

I am looking forward to finishing off issue 8 right now. I feel that it is better than the others and helps the story continue to improve. So here is to making it better, do I agree with everything said, no, but there are things that have been mentioned that I do need to hear and I welcome it.

So now is the time to grab my pen and push forward. Hopefully breaking the cliche’s that people believe to see and make the story even more original and exciting. Please keep commenting, I enjoy those comments very much, it helps me see that I am on the right track.

So until next time…

keep the creativity flowing