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I want everyone to take a moment and say hi to Ben Hunter. He is taking the task of coloring “the Bean”. A fantastic colorist and illustrator, Ben and I have worked together before and our styles compliment each other quite well. I was elated to find out that he wanted to work together again and so as I continue updating the story twice a week. Ben will start from the beginning and update the comic from page 1 every tuesday.

Ben has the ability to take the comic to the next level. He and I see and think the same and he is able to pull out extra details that b/w does not offer. I hope you take a moment and continue to encourage him and his talent. I really love seeing “the Bean” in full color. I hope you do as well.

So what happens to the books and the story? Actually nothing. The books will continue to be b/w. They are actually funding a full color graphic novel in the future. The comic will also update still twice a week on mondays and thursdays. Now with Ben dedicated to adding color to the tale I can still focus on telling the story. So I am moving on and have finished over half of the pencils to issue 7. Plus issue 6 goes to press really soon.

Ben’s main goal is to start from the beginning. We talked about just jumping in, yet we both felt that the beginning was a much better way to approach the comic. That way we could still work stress free. Work smarter not harder is idea. So enjoy the tale as it continues and then go back and start it again in color.

Thanks again Ben- you are making this dream an incredible reality.

Also take a moment and go visit Ben’s incredible work

Ben’s website

Well back to the drawing board… oh and remember to vote for us:)



@amy_geek » 1 Sep 2010 »

Wow! This is awesome, I love the colors. It's really adding so much depth. 😀

Greader » 1 Sep 2010 »

You guys deserve a vote. I keep meaning to upvote you after work but I keep forgetting. Remind me tonight! But seriously, I was going through the list of top 100… I think you destroy pretty much everything I gave a click so far. Now that you're getting color from Ben.. double destruction!

    Trav the bean » 1 Sep 2010 »

    don't forget to vote than:)

    lol- I am glad you enjoy it – honestly the top 100 is more for getting people than anything else. 🙂 yet we will take all the votes you can muster:)

      Greader » 1 Sep 2010 »

      Exactly. It means relatively little other than it's potential to raise awareness of the comic (which in this case is a worthy cause)! I think you mentioned on another post somewhere that you've looked into the mechanics behind the list. Does it limit votes by ip? Or could an unscrupulous vote monger automate scripts to repeatedly ping vote to artificially inflate a title's score?

        Greader » 1 Sep 2010 »

        It happened! I voted. It's a miracle!

        Trav the bean » 3 Sep 2010 »

        It limits it one per day- but you can plug into another network and vote again and again- which is fine, I think though it would be nice to see some other ones in the top ten. I guess for some it can be quite discouraging. That is why I like to have descent tracking software so i can see how much traffic is coming my way and if it is being well received, which it seems to be so.

        TWC is good for publicity though, yet the list is not always perfect, hence one reason i advertise

Jason » 31 Aug 2010 »

LOVE the color. It really pushes it to a new level. Great stuff Travis and Ben!

    Trav the bean » 1 Sep 2010 »

    it does but like we talked before- i am still focusing on the story and getting it done, it is really nice that I do not have to worry much anymore on the coloring

    Ben » 1 Sep 2010 »

    Thank you so much! It's great to be so well received. =D

@6Wolves1Spirit » 31 Aug 2010 »

Woot for color! B/W is great for some things, but this world and its inhabitants, which you've obviously put a lot of thought and effort into, really deserve to be brought to life in color. I'll look forward to…um… looking backward?

    Trav the bean » 31 Aug 2010 »

    Color was always in the picture- just the desire and need to finish the story (which will take some time) yet i am really glad ben, decided to come out an play in my world for a bit:)

      Trav the bean » 31 Aug 2010 »

      i do hope you enjoy the journey backwards going forward:)

Steven » 31 Aug 2010 »

Awesome. Looking forward to seeing Ben's work, as well as the next volume. (And the eventual color graphic novel)

    Trav the bean » 31 Aug 2010 »

    so am i my friend – so am i

      Ben » 1 Sep 2010 »

      Cool! Enjoy the first two color pages now. Cheers!

Hoomi » 31 Aug 2010 »

Hi Ben! I'm looking forward to seeing your work on here!

    Ben » 1 Sep 2010 »

    Thanks for the warm welcome, Hoomi! The first two pages are up now.

Scott » 31 Aug 2010 »

Cool! Actually I keep up with all the blog posts via RSS, but it certainly gives me more a reason to pay attention (since I've got the books and am ahead of the story) besides when the next book is available.

    Trav the bean » 31 Aug 2010 »

    issue 6 comes out in about 2 to 2 and half weeks.:) still got a few edits to finish. I got to make sure not to let those down that are ahead of the story:) that is my main goal.

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