What’s your go-to Fantasy Flick?

The other night, I revisited an old fantasy flick that I had enjoyed as a kid. I found myself completely sucked back into the movie and really enjoyed the adventure once again, even with the graphics being out dated. The movie was Krull.

There are several other films that I go to for a moment of inspiration. Some animated, some old and some new. Yet I am not afraid to embrace what others enjoy. I find that some of the best fantasy flicks are older, for some reason they were not afraid to tell their stories.

So here is my list…..


The hobbit (rankin Bass)

Time Bandits

Raiders of the Lost Ark

the Dark Crystal

How to train your dragon

Battle beyond the stars

The fellowship of the Ring (the other two were ok)

Watership down.

Last Unicorn

the Dragon Hunters

Nate and Hayes

oh there are many more…. So what are your go to fantasy flicks?



Dishwasher » 28 Aug 2010 » Reply

Definitely Labyrinth and The Last Unicorn!
And Flight of Dragons made me love science (and fantasy) 🙂
And the Fantasia 60s Disney film, especially the scene with the pegasus and centaurs…

evermind » 27 Aug 2010 » Reply

Lists ? Well…

LotR – Fellowship of the Ring

Hellboy I + II


Musa – The Warrior (korean)

Legend of Evil Lake (korean)

Abyss (does Spec-Fii count ?)




From Dusk til Dawn

“Atlantis” (simply for the Mignola designs shining through )

“How to Train your Dragon” is up there, but.. well too recent ?

Aquila audax » 26 Aug 2010 » Reply

What about the "NeverEnding Story"? I wanted a horse like Artax. I also go back to my childhood when I read Enid Blyton books like "The Magic Faraway Tree" and "The Enchanted Wood".

@scottking » 20 Aug 2010 » Reply

"Castle in the Sky" is one of my favorite movies. I know it's not as acclaimed as some of Hayao Miyazaki's other work, but I've always loved it.

I also think both "Princess Bride" and "Stardust" are must watches, though neither compare to their books.

Neal » 20 Aug 2010 » Reply

How about Ladyhawke? Beastmaster? Fire & Ice (Bakshi/Frazetta)? Not quite fantasy, maybe: Name of the Rose.

Nightlyre » 19 Aug 2010 » Reply

Right there with you on The Last Unicorn, The Hobbit, The Dark Crystal, and Watership Down… Other than those, I would say Legend, Labyrinth, Flight of Dragons, Willow… and maybe a smattering of Disney thrown in, like Sleeping Beauty. What can I say? I'm just a sucker for dragons.

Tim » 19 Aug 2010 » Reply

Gotta go with Willow.

TEC » 19 Aug 2010 » Reply

Princess Mononoke and more recently How to train your dragon come to mind, but I enjoy watching new stuff each time so I just return to old movies to see specific scenes or to show it to a friend.

My go-to fantasy comes from books, specifically the Farseer saga by Robin Hobb, and Magician by Feist.

Dave TW » 19 Aug 2010 » Reply

No Princess Bride???

Did you ever see "Wizards", 1977? Saw it at quite a young age, and it affected me quite a bit.

    Trav the bean » 19 Aug 2010 » Reply

    oh princess bride is there- i watch it every now and then

    wizards is wild. I finally saw it about 10 years ago- really interesting – it dragged though for a bit but for the most part it was pretty good

      Hoomi » 19 Aug 2010 » Reply

      "Here's a little trick Mom showed me when you weren't around…" 😀

        cals » 19 Aug 2010 » Reply

        heh. most anti-climatic ending ever.

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