What’s your go-to Fantasy Flick?

The other night, I revisited an old fantasy flick that I had enjoyed as a kid. I found myself completely sucked back into the movie and really enjoyed the adventure once again, even with the graphics being out dated. The movie was Krull.

There are several other films that I go to for a moment of inspiration. Some animated, some old and some new. Yet I am not afraid to embrace what others enjoy. I find that some of the best fantasy flicks are older, for some reason they were not afraid to tell their stories.

So here is my list…..


The hobbit (rankin Bass)

Time Bandits

Raiders of the Lost Ark

the Dark Crystal

How to train your dragon

Battle beyond the stars

The fellowship of the Ring (the other two were ok)

Watership down.

Last Unicorn

the Dragon Hunters

Nate and Hayes

oh there are many more…. So what are your go to fantasy flicks?