The Bean Issue 5 Cover Preview and news!

Issue 5 Cover

As promised here is the cover to issue 5 (some spoilers for those following the web, yet if you bought the 4th book you might have an idea on what is going on:) I am at the beginning stages of the piece right now, giving it it’s color treatment and trying to set the right mood. Music plays a big part in this process as I come up with the color profile. It puts me in the right vibe.

Also last night, I finished the interior to issue 5. All text, balloons and sound effects have been added and it is in edits. I cannot believe how well it came off. Plus I am starting issue 6 prob next week. I feel really inspired right now and I am so pleased how will the story is coming together.

Issue 5 goes to press on the 17 and should be on sale May 29th cross your fingers:)

I hope you are enjoying the tale. I would encourage to help supporting the production of the story by picking up the series. Your support helps pay for paper, inks and printing. It also allows the story to continue with out it becoming a burden. So pick up a set and enjoy. I’ll draw in each book bought from the bean leaf press store. You can order your copies here.

I would like to again thank everyone who supports the cause and even helps promote my story. I could not do this without you. I will also post updates on the cover during the day so you can check the progress.

trav (please order the books:))