the Fairy Tale Print inks…

As many of you know my prints takes one on many incredible adventures. I am constantly looking for new places to go and new journeys to embark on. That is the beauty of creativity. There is honestly no limits on where you can go except those you place on yourself.

This adventure, like all my prints, tells the story you find it. I did though wanted to create a fantastic fairy tale, that allowed me to venture forth into place unlike any other. A young hero, a trapped maiden and a quest.  The joy of victory and power of determination.

Like all my prints, some of will find the entire story, it is all there, you just have to look for it. So I encourage to do so.

– I hope the adventure is worth it-


technical aspects: 18×24 – I will begin the colors on Sat. I must finish another piece first. Just click the image for a larger view.