the Goblin Bomber

Well I am testing out something new. I am not going to put this into my art gallery because I do not like that fact that you cannot comment on the piece. This is for a project I am involved with. I will be working on it in between bean issues, so do not worry it will not be taking away from the comic.

I’ll talk more about this later. For now I just want you to enjoy some of my other art pieces.

This is a concept design for a pesky goblin during WWI



Trav the bean » 12 Jul 2010 » Reply

i think he does:)

Brandon » 10 Jul 2010 » Reply

Hey Trav, cool to see that you're working on the WWI pieces again. You know that I love them a lot, so yeah, it's just awesome to see more! That is one deranged goblin! 🙂

Drew » 10 Jul 2010 » Reply

Strangely enough, I can’t imagine goblins being deployed by the Axis in WWII. Between almost certainly being labeled undesirable and the deployment of a Jananese/American batallion in Europe, then assuming Hitler is human, goblins would probably be fighting for the Allies…

Of course that’s the wrong world war, but it’s food for thought.

Scott » 10 Jul 2010 » Reply

Dear Goblin Bomber,

You won't have to ask anyone to scatter your ashes, it will be taken care of shortly. That is all.

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