the Wondercon Adventure Starts

Well tomorrow my brother and I head to wondercon , just click the logo for the details 🙂 it will take you to all the fun. Which means we will be in Show mode and that means it’s gonna be a lot of fun.

Each show I sketch for free. I love it all you have to do is come up and ask me for a sketch. Simple as that. It can be almost anything, no nsfw images, I do have my limits, and my booth is a family booth. Yet I do draw zombies and robot zombies and at times hippo storm troopers.

Our booth space is 514. That’s right 514 and we will be debuting issue 4 of the bean series, plus 5 new prints and for those that don’t have it, issue 3 as well.

I will post a daily log on what is going as well, as long as I have internet access. That is the key. So if I do, we’ll talk about all the cool things about the show, the nice people I met and maybe post if we can some of the sketches that are requested at shows. They main things is we are going to have fun.

So if you are in the Bay area and you are bored or not, and want to hang out. Stop on by either Friday, Saturday or Sunday. We look forward to seeing you there.