Three Times a Week- Pro vs Con

Three Times a Week Pro’s & Cons and other laments….

As I sit here inking the next page of Issue 7, I have been going over several things in mind. Some quite frustrating and others a little more exciting. I just feel a little lost. Since there will be very few color updates of the story, I feel that in part I am letting people down, I guess this is also just added to the helplessness I feel at watching my wife struggle to recover from a severe ankle injury. I am grateful though that surgery will not be needed and in several weeks she should be much more mobile. You never realize how important the little things are until you are unable to do them. I am also frustrated at the uphill battle I face with distributors, I chose the size of the book because that is the way it needed to be done. I guess it limits where it will end up. It seems no one wants series anymore just graphic novels.  As all this weighs on my shoulders I have wondered how can I keep it going? How can I help the books sell? How can I keep it up and continue to provide for my family…. Pretty deep thoughts. (I am not asking for pity, just an ear for this section.)

So as I wallow a bit in my despair, a simple thought popped into my head. “How bad does Travis Hanson, want to tell his story? and what is Travis Hanson going to do about it?”

It seems the advice I so often freely give, I need once again to apply to myself.

So what am I going to do about it?

Well for one, I think I am going to revisit how many times my comic updates a week. I am considering 3 times. Monday, Wed, & Friday.  I am still giving it away online… I’ve been called a fool for that, but if I can’t get it distributed, than it doesn’t really matter what I do. I know I have huge traffic numbers, so I will continue to share my tale. I ask two things….

1. Tell everyone you know about the tale. Post it, blog it, review it. I will continue to give it away if you are willing to help people find it.

2. When you can – please support it. If you buy the books, you will really see how it was meant to be told and really appreciate the power of transition pages.

That is all I ask. I promise in turn to add a page a week. I will post regularly as before. You see I really enjoy telling this tale. I have had a lot of fun telling it and I will continue to print comics of it. I do not plan to tell you “how bad I want to tell my tale” I plan to show you.

Though I do want your ideas, your comments and your continued support. I really value what you have to say.

I do apologize for venting. I just needed to let out a few vents to relieve a little bit of pressure that has been building. I will decide tonight what I will do about adding a page a week, because it will take some time to set up and that means another late late night. Yet I think I am willing to do it.

Thank you again for going with me on my journey. I look forward to where our adventures lead.