The Bean 666
The Bean 666
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patreonsmalladSorry that i am little quiet today… I am getting sick. But we are onto a new chapter and Bean has a few challenges ahead of him.

Thanks again for being there.



Celidah » 15 Dec 2015 » Reply

I can't help but picture Bean saying in his best gravelly voice,

"If you don't back down, the only pigs getting stuck will be YOU."

Glenn » 14 Dec 2015 » Reply

Still building the tension, but I think it can't go much further before some kind of action. This would be a good time for those goons of the dark lord to attack, and involve Dad and his chums in the fight with our Bean… in which case they'll be thinking twice or three times about trying to take that weapon away from him. This would certainly be turning lemons into lemonade!

Jusme » 14 Dec 2015 » Reply

I'm thinking that patricide, no matter how unavoidable it is in the moment, will prove to be a heavy load to carry. How many losses, how much will Bean end up having to "carry"? And will it corrupt him, or will he find a way to carry the load? Either way, there is no immediately positive outcome to this moment.

goosefairy » 14 Dec 2015 » Reply

What an idiot.

hoomi2 » 14 Dec 2015 » Reply

Yes, dear old Dad will hate for things to get violent, but not for the reason he thinks…

lithicbee » 14 Dec 2015 » Reply

Dad of the Year Award!

Feel better, Trav.

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