The Bean 754
The Bean 754
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The adventure continues….



A.C. » 13 Feb 2018 » Reply

You know Trav, it just occured to me reading this, Cancer Man (AKA the smoking guy from X-Files) would basically be this way if he had so much as a shred of decency. This guy has done some horrific things, but at least he has the pathos to realise how meaningless it all was in the end. What is power without love, belonging? A loud, explosive fire of nothing, I would say. But as Aaron puts it, does he deserve pity, or mercy? Or is this meaningless existence fair punishment for all the wrongs he’s wrought? Ah, the dilemma! O_O

    travis » 13 Feb 2018 » Reply

    rough isn't it

    Deoxy » 16 Feb 2018 » Reply

    Whether he deserves the mercy, his future victims deserve it, so yeah, end him.

Aaron » 8 Feb 2018 » Reply

That's… kind of sad. Pitiable, though I suppose he may not really deserve that pity.

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