The Bean 753
The Bean 753
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I must apologize for the delay in the comic update. I have been sick and figuring out how do I make this labor of love continue. It has been a long few months- and yes I am working on another comic which is helping me feed my family which bean does not. Yet I promised myself I would not throw in the towel. So I will continue to work on the bean. It’s free and will remain so – it is truly my labor of love. I will work hard on keeping my update schedule as well. After 750+ pages I have quite the personal investment. So I appreciate your patience and your desire to stay with the story. I am grateful for that. Thank you. Look for more bean pages on mondays-

Thanks again-




Martin » 31 Jan 2018 » Reply

Love The Bean. So glad it's back! 🙂

Celidah » 29 Jan 2018 » Reply

Hooray, you're back! Good to see you up & kicking again. THANK YOU for remaining committed to this comic–although it may not pay the bills (I almost typed "feed the bills") like your other ventures, it's still adds a little more beauty & hope into this world, & heaven knows we need more of that. Besides, I already have 4 volumes of Bean in print. You can't leave us without an unfinished collection! 😉

    trav » 29 Jan 2018 » Reply

    i would never leave it unfinished 🙂 and it might take a bit to print vol 5 but we will make it happen.

      Celidah » 30 Jan 2018 » Reply

      Hooray! It is certainly worth waiting for.

Stephen John Smoogen » 29 Jan 2018 » Reply

I am glad you are feeling better. I want to thank you for the time you have put into this comic. I also want to thank you for the subject of today's comic.. it was one some part of me needed to hear today.

Kuggur » 29 Jan 2018 » Reply

Jay! You back, and with a bang!
Glad to see you have obviously recovered from that illness you mentioned.

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