40 and the meridian of life…..

So today is the day that i hit the meridian of life. Interesting thought to me as I look back over the last 40 years and see what has happened to make me the person that I am.   It as also caused me to reflect on the choices I have made to be the person I am and also reflect on the person I will be in the next 40 years. Life is what ever you choose it to be, and though things happen that you have no control over, you still can control how you look at it.

So what are my goals. There is still a lot that I want to accomplish and plan to. I look forward to the future and yet I still can enjoy the past. That’s important. It has not always been rosy, but that ok, my past is what makes better if I let it.

Now in the spirit of Bilbo Baggins, I will not make a long speech. I will say this though – you are as young as you believe to be. Dream big, work hard and look for the good in others….:)