the Darkling Saga Commission Piece

My Commission load has increased over the last few weeks. This is a great thing, since it allows me to play in others imaginations. It my slow production on bean down a little, but the family has to eat:)  Actually these commission pieces are setting up a new project I am working on as well. So keep your eyes peeled:)

This commission is based on the Characters from a novel called “The Darkling Saga”, being written by Ken
de Montigny. He has given me permission to post the works and I wanted to thank him for that. I will be doing a few other pieces for ken as well.

So lets take a look- Just click on each image to enlarge

Here is the process on how I approach my art.

Pencils, which are drawn with just a red marking pencil. It looks grey thanks to photoshop. It is here where I all the suggestions and changes take place. The beard had to go and I had to make some changes on the fort. Once that is done we move to inks. I ink on vellum/tracing paper. It gives me a perfect scan and crisp inks with no cleanup. You can see the changes I made from the pencils. Last is the color. This is the longest part of the process.

Once it is all approved I send the original inks the client and hi-res color file as well.

If you are interested in your own personal commission just click the link below-