Travs Artbook Announcement and Preview Art

So there has been rumblings, and they are true. I have a decided to put together a couple of artbooks. I have enough prints to do it, so it will not cut into the Bean, though Bean 4 should start this fall. Yet what kind of art book will be. Well for one, I want it to be fun. I don’t want it to be a standard sketch book, so I am going to take a different approach to it. The piece you see above is a sample page. My goal, was to a create a book that represents all my horizontal prints and at the same time use it to inspire others to dream, to create and in my opinion – just enjoy what life has to offer.

There is no way I can fund it myself, so I going to kickstart it as well. This should happen in Mar. I am looking at the book being about 68 to 72 pages. It will be full color, a very limited run, depending on the kickstarter pledge rewards,  and I will throw a bunch of sketches in the back of the book.  I am still working all the details out, especially the reward systems – though I think one of the tiers will involve custom pencil work.

Keep your eyes peeled and look for more info to come in the next few weeks. I’ll post a few pages here and there and another video or two. I can’t do it without you, your support makes all this happen and I thank you for that.

Keep creating