The Bean 214
The Bean 214
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Well I am in Seattle for a few days, read the blog for more info on that if you would like. I am excited to be here and I will tell you this place is beautiful up here. I am a socal native so this is all new to me. Anyways I do not have a lot of time, so I just wanted to say hi before we set off. Hope you are enjoying the calm before the storm.


John » 6 Mar 2011 » Reply

Theron is human. And Bean is not. What race is Bean?

    Hoomi » 6 Mar 2011 » Reply

    As I recall, Bean is at least part Elf.

    But I have been known to be wrong.

    On occasion.

    Trav the bean » 8 Mar 2011 » Reply

    bean is half elf

Jande » 5 Mar 2011 » Reply

Trav, this is so wonderful! Not only is this a powerful story full of heart but the art, the pacing, even the panel layouts are exquisitely rendered.

When my girls asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I told them I wanted all of the books you have printed so far, so now I have them all, and yet I haven't read past the first few pages because I love to wait, to anticipate, the next update here on beanleafpress.

I will be ordering a second set of the books soon. Thank you so much.

    Trav the bean » 8 Mar 2011 » Reply

    you are so welcome- feel free to post reviews on the books at the store site. I am so glad you are enjoying the tale and it makes me smile that you wait for the updates first.

Trav the bean » 5 Mar 2011 » Reply

ok darth:)

Onasaki » 4 Mar 2011 » Reply

His denial is starting get on my nerves. XD Accept it, young Bean. It is your.. Destiny. >.>

    Trav the bean » 8 Mar 2011 » Reply

    well i guess if you lived with a rotten ogre since you were 4 you would be in denial as well

Zypher » 4 Mar 2011 » Reply

Do enjoy the rain. It's always so wonderfully wet here.

Preettty sure I've commented before, but not absolutely positive. Love this story thus far, and I check at least once a day for a new page. So, though I don't comment much, here's one more to add to your addicted fans list.

    Trav the bean » 5 Mar 2011 » Reply

    I do enjoy the rain:) it has been nice so far.

    Lol I am so glad to hear that. Addiction to bean is good:)

      John » 6 Mar 2011 » Reply

      How many days must rain in this world to start food?

      Still I think it didn't rained for long. When Bean entered underground it was not raining. I estimate 2 days passed since raining began.

        Trav the bean » 8 Mar 2011 » Reply

        actually after i was in seattle i would say daily:) …. from page 1 to our current spot we are at 2 days i believe.

Hoomi » 4 Mar 2011 » Reply

The Greatest of Heroes even needs to go to the store from time to time and buy products he never imagined he'd have to buy… 😀

(…and he does so without complaining, because the Greatest of Heroes understands that, in the Grand Scheme of things, running such an errand isn't really so bad after all…)

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