Well this is the start of book 6:) I still cannot believe that 191 pages are up- I am just finishing up the inks of 7 which took a little longer to do, yet part of that reason is the fact I am doing a lot more commission work. Kids got to eat, and until […]

This weekend I had a great learning experience. I learned how to prepare and can jam and applesauce. I had a blast and I look forward to playing a little more with this almost lost home art. Why am I even bringing this up? Well, because it really helps me think old world. It is […]

It’s nice to have a small lull before the storm:) Well good news I just finished the last inked page for issue 7. I am excited how it has turned out and I have started to finish the spot colors on the cover. I will be scanning the inks of the pages on saturday and […]

Well I am working on a few new pieces. There is a lot going on, yet I will be around off and on. I am looking forward to posting two new piece soon. It’s nice have a few commissions right now and I look forward to adding text to issue 7 on sat. Keep creating. […]

Well this is actually me looking into the future:) As of this moment my internet access is limited until Sat- So I am really grateful for automatic updating. I think I am getting the fire again. There is much to do and I am really excited with the current progress that is happening with the […]

I must say I was really impressed with monday’s response. I was blown away… I almost feel bad that we are entering a little transition – yet not that bad:). This is all about the importance of planning and working through one’s story. Don’t worry we will return soon- promise. Issue 7: all the text […]

Wow! 200 pages…. that blows me away…. I cannot believe we have gone this far and there is so much more to show…. well enough idle chatter on my part , back to work…. Onto the next 200 trav

well i am working on two new pieces not related o the bean- I will post some more on those soon. I am also finishing the edits on book 7 I would like it to go press on monday. We will say. I also have the first 5 pages to 8 penciled – it is […]

Last night I hung out at the Riverside Artwalk. Very cool experience, I was able to showcase my prints rather than my books and had a fantastic time doing so. Now back to work I guess:) I am prepping for the emerald city comic con in march. So if you are in the area- I […]

well this is the week that Bean 7 goes to print. I am a little nervous and excited. I am also a 4th of the way done with Book 8. The pencils are looking good. There is a lot going on as well. I am prepping for Emerald con in washington and also for Wondercon […]

you know- boy have I felt like this. Loads of tasks to complete and no love for the effort. It made drawing this scene rather easy. Especially when the frustration runs high and the jobs keep piling up.¬† It is amazing how inspiration can come from ordinary task and trials that we face on a […]

I love transitions:) As you read the story as a whole you will see what I am talking about. Ok back in the groove. I just finished the first 20 penciled pages to book 8 and let me tell you, I am really jazzed and moved. It feels nice to get back into the flow, […]

Book 7 officially leaves to the printer today. I am happy with it and look forward to finishing 8. I  will be putting it up for sale in a week or so. Thanks again for the support trav

I have been in a few discussions of late about B/W comics and are they dead? It has been an interesting conversation, especially since I have been fighting with all sorts of directions on where I need to take things. I have really appreciated the encouragement and the eye opener that b/w comics are not […]

Some fun things are happening wit bean right now. Issue 7 went to press today. Also I finished the pencils on¬† page 25 of book 8. Book 8 is moving pretty strongly right now it’s a bit emotional and I am so blown away on how well it is moving along. I am also looking […]

Well I am in the midst of prepping for emerald city comic con (seattle). It’s gonna be a blast I’ll post all the info friday. We will be for the whole show and will be debuting issue 7 there. Looking forward to sketching and having a great time trav

Well, first off, lets give a book update on what is happening behind the scenes. Book 7 will arrive here on Tuesday. Pretty jazzed about that. Also I have 13 pages left to pencil on book 8. I cannot believe how quick that one is moving. It is very nice to see it flow so […]

Well this is the week for Emerald City Comic Con. Booth  309 Come by for free sketches.. You can find out all about the show here at http://www.emeraldcitycomicon.com/ Also I am on two panels. Friday at 7 and sunday at noon. So come by for the fun. More to come trav

I should have another update today with some new art. I was going to post it last night, but I just got pretty busy…. sorry about that. So much to do to plan for my trip to seattle on thursday.

Well I am in Seattle for a few days, read the blog for more info on that if you would like. I am excited to be here and I will tell you this place is beautiful up here. I am a socal native so this is all new to me. Anyways I do not have […]

Well, Issue 7 is out and man am I excited. One of the drawbacks though of printed books is you have to price them so you can continue to print more. When you deal with a distributor¬† this can be frustrating since they usually take 60% off the cover price, forcing you to push the […]

So I am working on a few things right now that are pretty exciting. I have 3 prints in progress and some visual changes to the store. Which works find but needs some graphic changes. Just a little better layout and feel that’s all. I really am happy with the back end though. I am […]

Well it is about time that I got around to doing this. I decided to put together a newsletter. I didn’t want to create some overladen text newsletter. I wanted it to look sharp and focus on artwork, adventures, appearances and even some special things about bean. If you want to be part of this […]

Ok I am working on the next newsletter and if you want in on it just click the link and send me your email address.¬† Just click the graphic. What is in newsletter 2? Well I guess you are going to have to sign in and find out. Yet I will say this, it will […]

This page is one of those moments that I get all giddy about. There are several scenes in the Bean series that I see so clearly, that I have looked forward to drawing. This is one of them. You’ll see a few more as the series progresses. I have always been able to see this […]

Well it is time to munch a bowl of ice cream and take a breather. Life is busy and yet that is good.¬† I did get a chance to reflect a bit at Tide Pools in CA and enjoy the peace of the sea. Quite a unique experience. I am also prepping for Wondercon which […]

So what’s going on with Trav? Wondercon is coming up fast and so I am in full prep mode. Yet that is not stopping me from current projects as well. So what is going on? Well first, bean issue 1 is now available as a pdf- I even added several pages including maps and some […]

And now there was one…. Well I am now moving into con mode. Nothing like a convention to push everything else back. Yet it is exciting and monday I will post all about the planning and where you can find us in the newsletter and online. I also went through the back end of the […]

Well the week of wondercon is upon us. I am really looking forward to this show, especially to see old friend, meet some new ones and draw a bunch of free sketches. So if you are in San Francisco, stop on by and hang out with us. This also means that the comic work will […]

Well, you all have gotten to see Siv, the barkeep of the Silver Dagger, in action. It feels good to have the story moving along now and a much faster pace. I hope you can also see why I took my time to get us here. It’s all about crafting a piece of art and […]

NOTE: To understand this scene you are going to have to back towards the beginning and re-read:) Well, I am at wondercon right now, actually i am staying with family talking about trying to figure out a new superhero that i should come up with. I am rather enjoying it.¬† Listening to the badguy list […]

Well when this goes up i will be on my way back from wondercon. So enjoy- and sorry for the lack of trav commentary due to the fact i will be traveling. Still updates are good:) trav

Well I am digging into bean issue 8. I am pretty excited about it, especially as I work through this. I am on page 8 right now. I’ll keep you posted. Also the newsletter went out last night. so if you want in remember to sign up. trav

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