The Bean 685
The Bean 685
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Page 685 goes up today and it is a simple reminder to not drink the water. I must say I love it when I get the chance to world build.  I find that being able to create environments and creatures can be such a satisfying emotional release in a story. It also creates more and more questions … in my opinion. Like Questions don’t always have to be answered right away and it also allows the reader to find their own conclusions. I find that same thing happening here within my own worlds and it ends up helping spur the story into new and uncharted directions.

Keep creating-



Denita TwoDragons » 1 May 2016 » Reply

Shattered moon, long-rusted hulks of war machines, toxic water…hmmmmmmm……

Ruthie » 26 Apr 2016 » Reply

Makes you wonder how those things swimming around in the "water of questionable potency" are still alive… if they really are alive… I can just hear the creepy drip drip drip of water droplets falling into this sinister subterranean lake.

Megaben » 25 Apr 2016 » Reply

"If you drink or eat what lives in it. You will die." should be "If you drink or eat what lives in it, you will die."

I like this area. Wouldn't want to live here, but it looks like the sort of place where you might exchange riddles in the dark with a certain lantern-eyed creature.

    johnnyhath » 27 Apr 2016 » Reply

    Actually, I think adding an ellipse to the end of "If you drink or eat what live in it…" is a bit stronger here. It also preserves the speech bubbles =)

goosefairy » 25 Apr 2016 » Reply

Nice to get back to Ravna's story. Snarky snarky Ravna 😉

    trav » 25 Apr 2016 » Reply

    i do enjoy getting back to her tale as well

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