A little art of the bean- before the comic-

I guess it was time to add a little back story art to the Bean. I have really held off on doing Bean Art like this because I just didn’t know how to present it right. I think the following images allows me to tell some of the back story and relationships of some of the characters of the Broken Moon. I hope you enjoy them. (possible spoilers)

So if you are not familiar with the comic- please go read it and find out how these relate to the epic adventure of a disgruntled dishwasher.

The relationship between Bean and Groggle is pretty special. Groggle always seemed to take time to help the Bean find his place in the Inn.

Groggle also made sure the Bean understood Herb lore and how to survive in the forest. Hopefully one day Bean will be able to put those skills to good use.

As we found out in the comics, Bean has run away from the inn several times, and it always seems to be Siv the Barkeep who brings him back. I can only imagine the conversation between the two, as Bean in his frustrations, vents to the Forest Walker on his desire not to return and the Forest Walker convincing him to come back.

I wanted to show Fencer as he was before the events of our story. Captain of a Velumni House in the southern states of Isabelle’s Sorrow and White Cove. He was promoted at a young age to the captain and held that position with great honor.

Typical afternoon between Gort and Ravna. It is truly a love hate relationship.

One of my favorite pieces that shows a quiet moment between the mistress of the inn and her champion the Barkeep. I think it fits them rather nicely.

That does it for this update. I am going to do some more. I really like exploring my world through some simple pictures. I hope you do as well. I think this will make for some different styles of story-telling.

well keep creating.


I might offer these original inks up after ace. We shall see.