A little love….

I love to explore and wander through other peoples stories as much as I like to work on my own. I am really particular though on what I am willing to push. There are three things I look for when I indulge myself in somebody’s imagination.

The first is artwork.  It has to be good. It can be different and unique but it has to be good. I really like stuff that stands out though and breaks away from the norm of anime and manga. I enjoy the style but I feel it is over saturated the web.

The second is story. That is extremely important to me. I am not a fan of shock value or in your face nudity. If that is the basis of the comic I usually pass. I don’t read gag strips much either, I am an epic guy, I look for the long story, with good character development, tension, etc… If there is violence it is there to enhance the story not just get more people to click through. If the story is bad I move on. If my kids can’t read it due to content i will usually skip it as well.

Last is dedication. Regular updates keep me around.

So here are a few, some new – some old yet each fantastic in their own way. Enjoy the reads.