Shop talk: A moment to ponder…

There is always a moment to ponder. Especially when creating. Too often we let noise drown out the magic that allows us to come up with those fantastic ideas.  There is no shame in turning off the tv, the music, the games and the computer for a minute to let the silence put you back into the mode.

I use a wide variety of mediums to allow me to focus on my work. One of the most powerful is music. It really can push my mind to all sorts of places. Yet at times there is too much in the head. A jumble of ideas, each screaming for attention, each wanting to pull me away from my original focus… and so that is when I shut the outside off for a moment. I a place where I can just sit and find clarity, in my office, my room, outside…. somewhere where I can let my mind sort things out without distraction.

You might be amazed how just a few moments of quiet time can be the jump start to and incredible creative experience. So take a moment, turn off the world…. and just listen.